The Minotaur Syndrome was a variant disease caused by the Touched virus which in turns causes the Touched Syndrome. It acted similar to the Touched Syndrome but led to a greater deformation of the face as well as increased hair growth. Increased hormone production resulted in greater strength and endurance of the sufferer. During the starting phase of the infection, the sufferer was also extremely photo-sensitive.

A cure for the Minotaur Syndrome was more complicated then dealing with the Touched virus infection. Histamine needed to be removed from the blood and the melatonin cycle needed to be reset to normal. Sufferers had no need for sleep and the production to melatonon dropped to extremely low levels. If the individuals normal cycle was restored either through artificial injection or by forcing the individual to sleep at regular intervals then the victim was cured of the disease. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")

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