Moradh was a Tok'ra symbiote who had taken host in the body of the human female Leith at some point in time. She was sent by the Tok'ra to spy on a Goa'uld in Heru'ur's domain known as Lord Anatapas, taking on the name of Dedra. Anatapas had learned from Kotosh that he apparently had a Tok'ra spy in his midst, and thought that it was Dedra.

This was later confirmed when Moradh contacted Vorash to let the Tok'ra High Council know that Anatapas had raided one Yu's slave farm on Panotek as he was Anatapas was monitoring all subspace communications. Despite this, Anatapas let Dedra spend a last dinner at his table but, during this dinner, a captured Daniel Jackson tried to get in contact with her. Excusing herself from the table, Moradh went to a nearby balcony and explained who she was to Daniel, and informed him to keep himself safe.

Moradh's host, Leith, quickly devised a plan where she would give herself to Anatapas in exchange for one of the slaves, planning to take Daniel for herself and free him as soon as possible; a plan which she knew Moradh would not be happy with, but would accept. This plan was short-lived, however, as Anatapas revealed himself to her as she exited the balcony and informed her that he knew she was a Tok'ra. Anatapas took her prisoner, removing all of her communicators from her and placing her in a cell.

Moradh was later joined in the cell by Jack O'Neill when he too was captured, but by this time she had concocted a plan to commit suicide. Moradh and Leith both offered to kill O'Neill, but he was certain that he would be rescued and so refused. Though Leith thought that they should kill him against his wishes, Moradh refused to do so. Instead, Moradh controlled her host's body and committed a slow, painful suicide where white froth dripped from her mouth, blood came from her nostrils, and her entire body convulsed on the floor.

Though O'Neill had tried to stop her, both symbiote and host were now dead. (SG1: "Alliances")

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