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Mot was a Goa'uld who once served as an Underlord to Ba'al until he was killed.


Background informationEdit

He fought against Ba'al and was defeated some time in Earth's past, then went on to serve him as an underlord. For some time he, like Astarte, was unquestionably loyal to Ba'al and served as the military commander for his master's Jaffa legions who were situated on the frontier of Ba'al's domain. As the god of death, the opposite of Ba'al, he set himself up as a fiend in his subjects' eyes so that Ba'al, or indeed any of his underlords, could act as a hero when they cast the "dark" god out. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")



Mot using his kara kesh.

He ruled over P4S-237 for a hundred years after Ba'al abandoned it, keeping the Naquadah mining operation there from his master and taking the spoils as his own. He planned to overthrow Ba'al and take his place as System Lord. The opportunity came to him when Ba'al failed to eliminate Lord Yu in a battle that was to be a final blow against him. Yu escaped and inflicted heavy casualties on Ba'al's forces. His failure caused him to greatly lose favor in the eyes of his master, Anubis. SG-1 discovered him on the planet and soon learned of his mining operation, threatening to inform Ba'al of it. Mot ignored these threats, however, and instead threatened to execute several of the inhabitants of the planet. In addition to this, he set in motion a plan to attack Earth which almost led to the destruction of Stargate Command before it could be stopped. Mot planned to kill Ba'al, gain the iris code from SG-1 and destroy the SGC to gain Anubis's favor. Mot was killed, however, when he was shot by Natania; a local villager. (SG1: "Prophecy")


Like many Goa'uld, Mot rules through fear and death. He also seeks to destroy the SGC in the faint hope that Anubis would reward him greatly.


  • Like many underlords, Mot has been seen using a silver hand device.

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