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"Show and Tell"

"...the central authority of the Reetou sent us here."

"Mother" was the name which Charlie used to refer to the Central Authority Reetou who created him to warn the Tau'ri of an impending Reetou rebel attack. It had sneaked into Stargate Command through the Stargate after their mission to PXY-887 and spied on Jack O'Neill for weeks before deciding that he could be trusted. It was initially hesitant to allow the other personnel on the base to talk to the boy, but O'Neill told it that the rest of his team were trustworthy. After losing patience with the humans's disbelief that an invisible creature such as it could exist, it fired its multiphasic blaster to destroy a computer. The Tok'ra were called in and detected Mother with Transphase Eradication Rods, but they were convinced not to fire in time. When the Reetou rebels invaded the SGC, Mother killed one with its blaster but was then killed by another rebel much to Charlie's despair. (SG1: "Show and Tell")

Jack O'Neill
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