Naranjan was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which was home to a Stargate as well as many native species with psionic abilities. After its discovery by the Asgard, they colonized the world with psionic Humans, modifying the Stargate to prevent the Goa'uld ever taking psionic hosts. Developing their powers over time, a subrace of Humans established dominion over the other inhabitants of the world, forming the Sudarshan Empire.


Early colonisationEdit

The planet Naranjan's primary terrain was spread over many small archipelagos, one of which was the location of the planet's Stargate that had been placed on the planet many millennia ago when the Ancients still roamed the Milky Way galaxy. Whether or not they stayed on the planet remains unknown, but by the time the Tau'ri had constructed Stargate Command there was no evidence left on the planet of any Ancient colonization efforts. Despite this lack of Ancient civilization, Naranjan was home to both sentient and non-sentient species which had psionic abilities. At some point in time Naranjan was also visited by the Asgard, who discovered these naturally psionic species but did not interact with them in any way.

Sometime after this discovery millennia ago, the Asgard populated the planet with Humans who also had psionic abilities, in the hopes that the Goa'uld would never be able to gain psionic hosts if they gathered all such beings on a single planet. To this end, they modified the Stargate so that, if a symbiote tried to come through the wormhole, they would be automatically jettisoned back to their point of origin before the wormhole automatically disconnected. Though this system was not foolproof, and indeed could be bypassed, it kept the planet Naranjan safe from Goa'uld occupation for all of its known history.

Sudarshan EmpireEdit

The Humans that the Asgard transplanted onto Naranjan were then experimented upon which led to the creation of several subraces which were akin to creatures from Earth's ancient legends. For centuries, these people learned to use rituals to tap into their latent psionic powers, developing them slowly. These newfound abilities, however, would not transfer to any symbiote who took the being as a host and so the Asgard took little interest in them. Despite this lack of interest, a diminutive Human subrace known as the Nivashan developed their rituals to the fullest before using their powerful "magic" to subjugate the other inhabitants of their island, developing a complex caste-based society known as the Sudarshan Empire.

Around the 1500s, an Asgard scientist known as Sujanha developed a theoretical breakthrough which she believed would enable the Naranjani Humans to reach their full psionic potential without the need for their complex rituals. In order to test the theory, Sujanha disguised herself as a Human and tought a select group of student her methods. Though Sujanha's theories did prove successful, the full-scale introductions of psionics into the Naranjan society proved to be very disruptive and led to a widespread rebellion against the Nivashan rulers. In the centuries after this, however, the Sudarshan Empire slowly managed to reclaim its power but by that time Sujanha's methods had become widely disseminated amongst the populace and so unrest was commonplace.

Unknown to even the Asgard, a Tok'ra scouting party long ago became stranded on Naranjan and, in order to survive, took host in the natives. Though they were unable to reach the planets Stargate due to the defenses surrounding it, for fear that the Asgard would quarantine the planet rather than risk any symbiote from having such an advanced host rather than let them leave, they did live among the people in a mostly peaceful fashion. Indeed, the Sudarshan Empire was ruled by a single Tok'ra—Anjeeti—for many generations, who switched host to a new body until the Empire passed into the hands of one she found unworthy of blending. Since then, the Sudarshan Empire has been ruled entirely by the natives.

The PuskamuEdit

Far west of the Sudarshan Empire's most remote outposts, in the jungles surrounding the Stargate, lived many psionic creatures, both sentient and non-sentient. Included in these were a tribe of small, slender genetically modified Humans known as the Puskamu. These violent and xenophobic people were known to have engaged in cannibalism, eating any beings who came within their territory. Despite this, they considered the Stargate to be a source of "black magic" and so stayed away from the clearing housing the 'gate. Because of this belief, the Puskamu would stay away from any beings who exited the wormhole from the Stargte at first, but if the beings later showed any signs of weakness then the Puskamu would quickly attack them with hit-and-run tactics to weaken their strength.

It is unknown if the Tau'ri ever visited the world after their people were relocated there, nor if any other species besides the Asgard ever visited the planet. Any beings visiting the planet, however, would likely want to make use of the Naranjani's psionic abilities, or at the very least learn their ways through the Naranjani teachings. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")

Behind the scenesEdit

The planet Naranjan was originally designed as a fantasy world for the Mythic Vistas roleplaying game, and was described in the Mindshadows book for that line. The creatures native to the planet were originally from the Monster Compendium book Monsters of the Mind. Both of these products were released by Green Ronin Publishing and later adapted for the Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game by Alderac Entertainment Group in the Stargate SG-1: Roleplaying Game sourcebook.

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