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Near ascension occurs when a Human is evolving to the point of Ascension, but has not yet shed his or her physical form to become pure energy. A normal human on average uses at most 10% of his or her brain at any one time, but they require use of at least 92% to ascend. Pre-ascension is when brain activity is over average but the user is not yet Ascended. This usually gives them special abilities due to the heightened brain activity. The abilities become stronger and more diverse as the brain activity increases. Shortly after leaving the Alteran Home Galaxy, the Ancients began to develop these abilities, and eventually ascended, but some of the technology they left behind has allowed others to follow the same path. The Ori also ascended (but later than the Ancients,) and without the assistance of technology.


  • Healing; Near-ascended humans have the power to heal themselves rapidly and also the ability to heal others with minor to major wounds, even those caused by a direct Staff weapon hit. They can also cure the Ancient contagion. Priors have shown the ability to cure the Ori plague, though it is unknown if this is through technology or their near-ascended power. (SG1: "Frozen", "Lost City, Part 2", "Flesh and Blood") (SGA: "Tao of Rodney", "Epiphany")
  • Enhanced biology; Near-ascension also grants super-hearing and sight when the human brain reaches activity of 60%. (SG1: "Prototype") (SGA: "Tao of Rodney")
  • Foresight; Near-ascension allows the user to see visions of the future and share them with others. These visions have always come true, although the user cannot tell when or where what he sees will happen, or under what context. (SGA: "The Seer")

Daniel Jackson strikes an Ori Army with a lightning strike.


Daniel Jackson shields SG-1 from Adria's energy attack.


Daniel Jackson overpowers Adria's shield and stuns her

Known individuals/races who reached near ascensionEdit

With TechnologyEdit

Without TechnologyEdit

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