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"The Real World"
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John O'Callaghan

Niam was a nontraditional Asuran, part of a small group who wished to Ascend by repressing the aggression programming in them.



When Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team came to Asuras, he welcomed them, and was very interested that they knew of Ascension. When the Asuran city-ship left to destroy Atlantis, Niam urged Oberoth to spare their lives. He then showed Dr. Elizabeth Weir the origins of the Asurans. After telling them of the Asurans origins, he proposed a trade: if Dr. Rodney McKay agreed to remove the aggression code from the Asurans Base code, Niam and his allies would persuade Oberoth and the others to spare Atlantis. McKay was able to locate a series of times called merges where the Asurans shared information. He uploaded a virus which "froze" the Asurans except Niam, and intended to destroy the city-ship. Niam protested, but Weir made him realize he couldn't guarantee the Asurans would spare Atlantis. Niam left with the team after the Asuran city-ship entered orbit of Lantea, when the ship exploded. The Asurans back on their homeworld reset Niam, reactivating his aggression codes. He attacked Weir, attempting to strangle her, but Sheppard knocked him into the Puddle Jumper's rear compartment and ejected him into space. The few nanites he introduced into Weir nearly killed her, but she lived. (SGA: "Progeny", "The Real World")

After the Asuran attack on Atlantis, Sheppard's team hoped to use Niam in stopping the Asurans, by uploading another freezing program into him, allowing them to kill the Asurans. However, Niam reactivated, and McKay was forced to destroy him with his Anti-Replicator gun. (SGA: "The Return, Part 2")

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