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"Not Just For Posterity" is the twenty-second webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Dr. Lisa Park records a video diary about her time on Destiny and mentions her friends and family. However, she is interrupted and proceeds to have sex with an apparently close male friend.


Dr. Lisa Park records a video diary about her time on Destiny, reminding herself that she isn't doing it for posterity and will someday show it to her family. She leaves a message for her boyfriend Gary, talking about how they had trouble in their relationship but got past it. In the middle of her message someone comes to the door and she attempts to pause it, only to leave the camera running. She is then greeted by an unknown military officer and proceeds to have sex with him on-camera. After a fairly long (but fast-forwarded) session, she returns to finish her message, unaware of what she's recorded.


  • This is a sequel to the episode "Life".

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