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This planet has no known canonical name.  While the information presented in this article is canonical, the planet described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Novus colony
Camp of Novans
One of the camps on People of Novus near the gate
Astrographical information

UniverseGlyph05 UniverseGlyph17 UniverseGlyph23 UniverseGlyph25 UniverseGlyphqu UniverseGlyphqu [1]


Unnamed galaxy

Societal information

People of Novus

  • Uninhabited (present)
  • More than 100 settlers (formerly)
Earth interest
Under control of
Out of universe information

"Common Descent"

"Our people came here as part of an expedition. One of several to find a viable world"

The Novus colony was a planet once visited by the Destiny expedition. There they met descendants of their alternate selves, who had traveled through the gate and were presumed dead, but actually traveled two thousands years back in time.

These people were originally from the planet Novus, which was becoming dangerous to inhabit and sent people through the gate in order to establish colonies on nearby planets. However, the gate on Novus became inaccessible and not having another gate within range the expedition became stranded for thirty years.

After they were discover by the Destiny Expedition, the colonist helped supply the Destiny with vegetable goods, though in return they asked to the Destiny crew to trasport them back to their home planet. At first, Destiny crew was unsure to allowing the request, considering the strain that would mean, to their supplies, but after the Drones attack the colony, in search of Destiny, the crew accepted their request. (SGU: "Common Descent")


  1. The address is non-functional as the dialing sequence is not seen. Two glyphs are also obscured from view, so only four glyphs are known.

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