Novus colony city is a town on one Novus colony.


The city is a major urban area on the planet one just outside the Terminus which is full of warehouses and other industrial buildings. In the city there is a great main street with several shops and small stores. The planet Stargate was transferred to a warehouse in this city. (SGU: "Blockade")


After a berzerker drone had discovered the technology in the city of Terminus and started to attack the two towns as their inhabitants moved Stargate to this city. Several volunteers chose to drive away the remaining vehicles from Stargate and lure away the drones. So take the rest of the people to abandon the city and escape through the Stargate, a part of the city was destroyed by the drones.

In 2010, it took most of the Destiny expedition protection in the city when Eli Wallace and Dr. Nicholas Rush was uploaded Destiny in blue giant. The crew on the planet was divided themselves into several teams dare to gather supplies to Destiny but when drones came, they had to evacuate back to Destiny. (SGU: "Blockade")