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Novus computer
Novus computers
Production information

People of Novus


People of Novus

Technical specifications
  • Data storage and retrieval
  • Communications
Control system




Power source

Renewable energy


People of Novus

Novus computer is an electronic device used to control a variety of tasks.


Novus computer technology is all much more advanced than Tau'ri computer technology, and its volume is more than 900 exabytes (in comparison, the total amount of data that comprise the Internet Tau'ri computer.

The computers in the Novus fallout bunker had a computer memory of more than 900 exabytes and their stationary computers at other colonies whose computer memory is much like Tau'ri computer.


Their stationary computer People of Novus have made ​​as much computer memory, much like Tau'ri computer. People often used the stationary computer in their off-world colonies and the Novus particularly in work and home. Them reminiscent of the Tau'ri computers.


After People of Novus society had become technological so they started developing the computer over time, changed its shape and memory capacities larger and different design. Thirty years after the people had evacuated their homeplanet Novus then came Destiny expedition to the planet and used the fallout bunker computer to transmit Tenaran archive to Destiny. (SGU: "Epilogue", "Blockade")

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