Observed dome is a dome building at planet Longinus. As the battle of Longinus became more and more of a spectator sport more of the System Lords expressed interest in a facility where they could keep a close eye on the fighting going on without sacrificing the comfort of their private quarters. Such a building would cost a fortune but with none of Goa'uld involved did more than hem and haw about the idea until the Lord Yu got wind of it. He agreed immediately to do the design and construction itself. Less than a year later observed dome was the result. Lord Yu chose to raise the dome of Stargate both convenience Goa'uld travelers and enhanced security. Standing about half a mile from the edge of a cliff, its gleaming bronze facade seen for miles rearing thousands of feet into the sky.

Not surprisingly, many of the cultures that have been transplanted to Longinus has developed myths about the "temple of the gods" visible in the distance. Elements of Chinese architecture is shown in details and decorations, but the overall design does not draw any particular Earth culture. Inside the dome is really a temple to the Goa'uld decadence and hedonism. Downstairs revolves around the Stargate, which is located near the rear of the dome in a richly appointed carefully guarded entrance. Canteens and other functional rooms make up the rest of the floor provides space for Goa'uld visitors to meet privately away from the spectacle of battle. The floors immediately above is the province of the dome janitor kitchen, servant quarters, room maintenance, power generation and other such unspeakable task that requires a nice view.

Farther above in the high parts of the dome are Goa'uld visitor quarters and hallways observation lavishly decorated suites, always stocked with rare food and fine drinks with huge glass walls exterior to give a picture of the battlefield below. The effect is worryingly similar to a skybox at a sports arena . Armed Jaffa guards patrol the grounds outside the dome and the physical gate never have fewer than twelve of Yu's soldiers on guard. Although it was a great way to show their wealth and power, Yu's logic in the construction of the dome was far from magnanimous. To have sole control over the design and construction allowed him to make the entire building a tool to spy on their neighbors . Each room each hall every corner of the dome is bugged and hidden cameras to keep track of everyone who passes by. All data is channeled to an underground chamber accessible only via a secret elevator that travels only between Majordomo's quarters on the second floor, where a guard of two Jaffa is always published and underground areas where Majordomo sift through large amounts of data coming in every day and distills down to items that his master will find valuable .

"Lord Yu's Eye " has so far allowed him to scrounge up and split apart several emerging alliances between rivals foil the attempted murder of one of his underlings and learn about a planned attack against one of its own colony worlds early enough to launch a surprise counterattack by their own . Clearly investment that shorter term Goa'uld despised pays. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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