Off Balance is a short story, which was published by Fandemonium in Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis: Far Horizons.


Ancient; Ancient outpost; Ancient Technology Activation gene; Asgard transporter; Avenger; Ba'al; BC-304; Bosco's; C-4; Capture of Ba'al; Steven Caldwell; Samantha Carter; Colonel; Colorado Springs; Daedalus; Devon; Earth; Facebook; FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon; Free Jaffa Nation; Goa'uld; Ha'tak; George S. Hammond; Kevin Hartkans; Homeworld Security; Hyperspace; Iraq; Daniel Jackson; Jaffa; Robert Kinsey; Lucian Alliance; Vala Mal Doran; Major; Cameron Mitchell; Milky Way; Mosquito; Jonathan J. O'Neill; Jonathan O'Neill; Oranian; National Intelligence Department; P3X-406; Phillips; Pegasus; The Pentagon; Prometheus; SG-1;Somalia; Stargate; Stargate Command; Stargate Program; Syria; System Lords; Balen Tark; Tau'ri-Goa'uld War; Teal'c; Tok'ra; Transportation rings; Turner; USS George Hammond; Wraith; Zat'nik'tel;

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