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OP-CORE or Operation Covert Extraction and Reconnaissance was the name taken by a group of Humans in the Milky Way galaxy. Originally some of the most dangerous prisoners who had been captured by the Tau'ri, they were considered to be too dangerous to be kept on Earth in any way. As such, they were taken to a former Goa'uld base, known as The Castle, which had previously been liberated by the Tau'ri. Once there, however, they were able to shake off their Tau'ri captors and take over the facility. Once they had won their freedom,

A member of the OP-CORE

the human inmates took the name OP-CORE and started up their own Stargate program, run from The Castle, and ran their own Stargate teams. Unlike Stargate Command, however, they had no morals, believing that the end would justify the means (similar to the Trust) and so would do anything to see that their goals were fulfilled. (Stargate Worlds)

The OP-CORE is also an ally of the Goa'uld faction New Mind and their Loyal Jaffa, through the Praxis Alliance. (Stargate Worlds)

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