The orisha, pronounced (o-REE-shah), are a species of ascended beings from the planet Nyambe who were somewhat less powerful than their Ancient counterparts.


The orisha, sometimes referred to simply as spirits by the natives of the planet Nyambe, were a species of energy-based lifeforms who, unlike the similar ascended beings, had no rules against interference with lesser beings and so used their seemingly magical powers on behalf of the local population, in return for the opportunity to temporarily possess a Human host. Despite all being similar in this regard, the orisha had no form of central government or society. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")

Rather than acting like the Goa'uld and taking on the persona of local gods, they instead took on the persona of plants, animals, the elements, departed ancestors and also local landmarks and numbered in the hundreds. Indeed, rather than accepting the worship of the locals, they instead act simply as an intermediary between the people and a mysterious creator god called Nyambe the Overpower after whom their native planet is named. Why this creator god chose to act through the orish rather than taking a more direct role on the planet is unknown. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")


Before the Tau'ri of Stargate Command were able to visit the planet Nyambe, it was visited by the parasitic Goa'uld who caused a split within the orisha population. Some of the orisha allied with these Goa'uld and became known as fiendish orisha. The two species enslaved the local population until the people were able to rebel with the help of more benevolent orisha, who likewise became known as celestial orisha. Though it is unknown if any of the orisha died during this time of strife, several members of each side were known to still be in existence by the time Stargate Command was created. Likewise, some of the Goa'uld survived this conflict and suspended themselves in stasis, hidden away in a rainforest located near the Stargate and became known as the kosans. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")

At some after this conflict, all of the celestial orisha visited the planet Earth and took on the names of spirits in the African Yoruba religion, though it is unknown if the religion is based on these orisha or if they simply tried to emulate an already-existing group of spirits. Regardless, as they have continued to follow the practices of the Yoruba religion, it was thought that those with prior knowledge of this religion would be better suited to dealing with the orisha. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")

Though unknown if it took place, it was thought that if an SG team were to visit the planet then they would most likely meet the orisha. Indeed, it was thought that if this happened then the fiendish orisha would initially be thrilled that travellers were coming through the Stargate, though they may turn hostile upon learning that these beings were not heralding the return of their once allies. On the other hand, the celestial orisha were thought to initially view travelers coming through the Stargate with suspicion until their fears were set aside, at which point they could become powerful allies. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")

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