P2C-257 was the Tau'ri designation of the planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which the Tok'ra Jacob Carter/Selmak was stationed on, about to 'detonate a weapon's grade shipment of Naquadah that would have vaporized a sizable chunk of the planet. He didn't complete his mission because Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson of SG-1 asked him to help them in rescuing Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c, the occupants of the first (and last) X-301 Interceptor, whose ship had stopped responding to controls and turned towards Apophis's home world, a trip of several hundred years intended to kill the occupants of the ship. This convinced Jacob, so he took his ship and left. (SG1: "Tangent")

P2C-257 is the only Goa'uld occupied world that is remotely within a Scoutships' range of Earth at maximum speed.

It looks the same as Terella. (SG1: "Need")

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