The Odyssey dropping out of hyperspace and heading for P3X-474
Astrographical information

Milky Way

Earth interest

The final battle between the Odyssey and an Ori ship with SG-1 being trapped in a time dilation field for fifty years to prevent the Odyssey from being destroyed.

Out of universe information


P3X-474 was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which held a Stargate and Dial Home Device. The Odyssey, while under attack from the Ori, traveled to the planet and beamed down all of its crew except Major General Henry Landry and SG-1, so that they could return to Earth safely. Shortly after, SG-1 created a time dilation field to protect themselves from an incoming blast form an Ori warship. They were inside of it for around fifty years before they finally figured out a way to reverse the field and escape. (SG1: "Unending")

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