P5J-818 is a planet in Milky Way galaxy that has a Stargate. P5J -818 has two suns.


The terrain on the planet heavily forested and the planet's Stargate is located deep in a rainforest. The planet is even hotter than the Earth and Chulak. There are some stone pillars at the Stargate. The planet is beyond famous for the System Lords thought the SGC.


In 2001 that had Stargate Command sent a MALP to the planet and later sent SG-1 except Teal'c to the planet for further exploration. But the team fell into an ambush of several Serpent Guards of Apophis. Just Samantha Carter managed to get to Earth, but Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson was captured by Jaffa guards. Some Serpent Guards left the planet with the prisoners when some stayed behind to capture Teal'c.

Teal'c used a borrowed Tel'tak by Tok'ra and he left the ship in the air and jumped down with parachute. Teal'c went to a Ha'tak who was on the planet and around the ship, there were several tents that guards were using. Teal'c left the planet and returned to Earth. (SG1: "First Prime")

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