Gadmeer terraformer transforms the surface.
Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information

Gadmeer, (present), Enkarans (formerly)

Technological period

Extremely advanced

Earth interest

Current Gadmeer homeworld

Under control of

Gadmeer (present), Enkarans (past)

Out of universe information

"Scorched Earth"

P5S-381 is the Tau'ri designation for a planet in the Milky Way galaxy with a very strong ozone layer, which was why the planet was chosen to become the new homeworld of a large group of Enkarans, who need a thick ozone layer to prevent blindness due to an increased sensitivity to UV light.


An Enkaran village

However, in 2000, the planet was chosen by a large vessel to be terraformed to become the new homeworld of the Gadmeer.

SG-1 negotiated between the Gadmeer and the Enkarans, and in the end the vessel was used to transport the Enkarans to their original homeworld (which doesn't have a Stargate). Afterwards, the planet continued to be terraformed. (SG1: "Scorched Earth")

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