P7X-882 was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which held a Stargate and was visited by SG-4 during the early days of Stargate Command, which was followed by a visit from SG-1.


At some point prior to the formation of Stargate Command, P7X-882 had a Stargate placed on its surface though, by the time it was visited by the Tau'ri, this was the only evidence of Ancient architecture on the planet. In addition to this, the planet had once been home to a population who wrote in cuneiform, specifically a dialect which was thought to be related to the Hittite language. These writings were known to exist in caves on the planet. (SG1: "Medical Considerations")

During the early days of Stargate Command, the planet was visited by SG-4 who declared the planet to be a harsh place, as well as being abandoned and unprofitable. As such, when SG-1 were trying to find an off-world training ground, Jack O'Neill chose P7X-882 as the perfect place to conduct them. General George S. Hammond agreed to let SG-1 perform a combat exercise on the planet and, if this was a success, he was keen to establish it as a location for larger scale skirmishes. (SG1: "Medical Considerations")

While performing a game of military "Hide and seek", Dr. Daniel Jackson was running over a plateau on the planet when he tripped next to a crevasse, discovering that there was a cave underneath. Unable to refrain from investigating, Jackson used a flare and saw some inscriptions, which he later identified as the cuneiform writings of the previous inhabitants of the planets. While Jackson was trying to get a better look, the edge of the crevasse gave way and Jackson fell, becoming trapped under a slab of fallen rock. (SG1: "Medical Considerations")

Jackson was soon discovered by the other members of SG-1, whereupon Samantha Carter was sent back to the Stargate in order to get medical help while Teal'c and O'Neill stayed with Jackson. While this was happening, Jackson insisted that O'Neill read out the cuneiform writings so that they could be translated. Carter soon returned with Dr. Janet Fraiser's medical team along with SG-5, which was led by Major Barlow. (SG1: "Medical Considerations")

The three teams proceeded to rescue Jackson from the crevasse, during which time he revealed to Fraiser that his parents had been killed in a similar manner, before carrying him back to the Stargate and home to Earth so that his wounds could be treated. (SG1: "Medical Considerations")

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