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Astrographical information

Milky Way

Out of universe information

"Ripple Effect"

PX7-455 was the designation given to a planet in the Milky Way galaxy by the Tau'ri which was known to hold a Stargate.


The distance between PX7-455 and Earth.

The planet was never visited by SG-1 in its first eight years of operation. However, it was visited by an SG-1 from an alternate reality in 2006, who used the planet as their starting point to pass through Kallana's black hole and enter into our reality to steal a Zero Point Module from Atlantis.

In that alternate reality, the planet had been ruled by the Goa'uld System Lord Amaterasu. After the collapse of the Goa'uld Empire, it became a target for conversion by the Ori and, as the local population felt that their goddess Amaterasu had abandoned them, the Ori Prior easily managed to gain their faith. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")

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