"You used Wraith beaming technology for long-term storage?"
Rodney McKay[src]

The pattern storage module was a machine derived from a Wraith transporter and was created by a Human civilization in the Pegasus galaxy.


The device appeared as a coffin shaped machine with a computer terminal in the center with a bluish glow coming from the sides of it. It replicated the effects of a Wraith culling transporter and each storage module device was capable of storing a thousand patterns. It contained internal power batteries which kept it functional but they were capable of running out after which it required a dedicated energy system to maintain the device. It was capable of being removed and relocated to another area.


A closeup of the machine.

Due to the nature of device, its effect resulted in the restored individual falling into an unconscious state. One of the problems encountered by rematerialization included a possible loss of memory for a number of people who were restored. The machine was programmed to reawaken one engineer from storage who would begin the process of awakening the rest of their people, however, a problem occurred in the computer system which prevented restoration.

The machine was a type of Stasis pod but kept the individuals in an energy pattern which meant that they did not age unlike normal stasis.



Ronon Dex and his team entering the Pattern Storage Room.

A Human civilization in the Pegasus galaxy managed to recover several examples of Wraith transporter technology. Though their society was somewhat antiquated, they managed to reverse engineer parts of the device creating a working stasis device that worked by storing the energy patterns of a thousand people into one module while another thousand were stored in a second device. Herick was one of the scientists that worked on the pattern storage device. One machine was installed in the planet's Moon Base while a second device was en-route but at this point the Wraith attacked. Rather than face a culling, the inhabitants unleashed atomic weapons that destroyed them and some of the invaders. One of the fleeing shuttles contained the second storage device but with the Wraith close by, the shuttle was destroyed in order to prevent the discovery of the moonbase.

The Atlantis expedition flagship team led by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard discovered the pattern storage device in the abandoned moonbase where their entry reactivated it allowing for the restoration of Herick. The team were forced to recover the lone device from the asteroid moonbase station after Jamus stored both himself and Teyla Emmagan's pattern within the device. The machine was saved and it's occupants were rematerialized on another planet though a number of them experienced a small amount of memory loss. (SGA: "The Ark")

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