The personal transmitter armband is a bracelet developed by Goa'uld Pelops. Pelops placed a statue of himself riding a cart on the opposite side of the "gate itself is identical to the SG-1 encountered Argos. Unlike the statue, but if Aegis contained any nanite technology into their base, but Pelops mounted each Spartans personal transmitter bracelet. Spartans every man and woman wearing a bracelet that transmits a maintenance signal to keep nanite in his own body works and constantly turn reduced the aging effect they cause. Through tensing muscles of the arm in a certain way, the transmitter can be cued to activate the characteristic increase in the effects of nanites. The transmitter is activated automatically to provide the nanite healing effect when the individual is injured.

Alexander's transmitter is more complex and can be used to activate various functions of any Spartan nanite including plagues accelerated aging and adverse effects on properties. He often uses his transmitter to coordinate the use of the nanite increase the powers among his troops into battle grant an entire phalanx of great strength just before ordering a charge for example. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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