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Ring of Shen Marak

The power coil displayed as the Ring of Shen Marak.

Power coil is a cylindrical-shaped device that is important part of a Tel'tak's power systems. Inago took a power coil as Vala Mal Doran had the loot which was later found in a monastery of Goa'uld Grannus. Power coil at the monastery became an icon for reverence and called ("Ring of Shen Marak"). It was protected from overly curious visitors through a small shield. "Relic" drew so many faithful pilgrims that it soon became the only entry is the sanctuary workers by Goa'uld's death. Later, Vala and SG-1 to the monastery to recover the device, but Caius, a former smuggler who was said to be living as a monk, banned them. Eventually exchanged power pole against the return of his Tel'tak, and he resigned the monastery.

The unit was returned to Inago, who would not reveal why a "useless" power coil was so precious to him. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind")

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