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People of Proculus

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Chaya Sar

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Chaya Sar

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Proculus is a planet in the Pegasus galaxy that contains a Stargate.

Long ago, Chaya Sar used the abilities she acquired as one of the Ascended to destroy a Wraith fleet attacking her world. The Others forced Chaya to protect only the people of Proculus, who began to worship her as their goddess, and are otherwise unaware of the Wraith. While Chaya was away at Atlantis, two Wraith cruisers and hundreds of Wraith Darts arrived to attack this world. Realizing the threat, Chaya returned and destroyed the fleet with her powers before anyone could be culled. (SGA: "Sanctuary")


  1. Stargate Atlantis: The DVD Collection issue 68 gives the address for this planet as having two of the same glyphs. While this seems unlikely, it has never been explicitly established on the show that this is either possible or impossible. However, given the address only contains five glyphs (which has been established as being impossible), this address is either incomplete and or incorrect.

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