Province is an area on the planet Hidoma. The province is located on the outskirts of the capital Shimana . The province is the small villages of farmers who tend their crops and livestock. These communities are governed by a hierarchy of hereditary leaders who tend to be the largest land owner or the richest person in the region. The inhabitants of the Province organizes fairs for Shimana and instructs individual farmers what crops to grow in a given season. Most villages leaders provide for their adherents in need acquires goods from Shimana . And a necessary and ensure that farmers are not excluded from the grant of their city - dwelling counterparts. Province led by Hideo Matsuno.

The opposite of Shimanas standing police so builds province on a loose organized militia for defense and law enforcement. The citizens chosen for militia duty based on their position within their communities and to the local ruler and physics skills. The militia is armed with simple smooth-bore muskets and batons. Daily life in the province is less structured than in Shimana. Most days begin with a short prayer to individuals' ancestors. The day is spent tending crops and livestock with a few hours a week set aside to visit the neighbors and make inquiries in society leaders. The type of life here and the lack of advanced technology keeps most people indoors after dark. Most property is considered jointly provided by the local leaders of his population as a whole. Most families in both Shimana and the province is large for a half-dozen children is not uncommon. In the city, the children go to school from age six to eighteen then it is the aptitude test and begin their adult lives.

Large families in the province means more workers for farms and several caregivers for their parents in later years. Marriage for simple questions in both regions and usually follows long courtship. Province and Shimana maintains close and friendly relations. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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