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This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Punk Wraith
Vegas Wraith disguise
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Neil Jackson


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This Punk Wraith landed on Earth in an alternate reality after his Hive Ship failed to attack Earth and was destroyed. Being the only survivor, he went to Las Vegas to find a way to communicate with his fellow Wraith in the Pegasus galaxy to help them find their "feeding ground" of over six billion Humans. He also fed on at least nine Humans during his time on Earth. Though his plan was ultimately unsuccessful for the Wraith of his own reality, his message was somehow transmitted into at least one other reality where the Wraith invaded Earth.

Vegas Wraith

The undisguised Wraith in his Dart watches his Hive explode above Earth.

His Hive Ship somehow discovered the location of Earth and went there to attack the planet. One Wraith piloted a Dart to hold off the F-302 fighter-interceptors that Earth sent in defense, however, after he saw his Hive Ship destroyed by a swarm of Drone weapons, he saw nowhere to go but to land on Earth. His Dart crashed somewhere in Nevada, where he immediately planned on warning other Wraith to Earth's location, so a bigger fleet would be able to take over Earth. He salvaged parts from his crashed Dart to use in the creation of a transmitter capable of reaching the Pegasus galaxy. However, his Dart wouldn't have enough power to send a transmission to Pegasus, so he then abandoned it, leaving it to be found by Area 51. The transmission device gave off large amounts of radiation, and the Wraith began suffering from radiation poisoning; the only way to stave off the poisoning was to feed on Humans.


The Wraith directs his Dart into Earth's atmosphere.

He moved to Las Vegas and disguised himself as Human to not arouse any suspicion from the unsuspecting public. There, he gambled and played Poker using his telepathic abilities to cheat and earn money. He had to raise enough money to fund his way of communicating to the Wraith in Pegasus, as well as buying a trailer, and a few machine guns in case he ran into any unwanted trouble. He also picked up a habit of playing loud rock music in the motel room he rented to disguise his operations (such as when he fed on his neighbor). However, his feeding attracted the attention of the Las Vegas Police Department. He left his signature radiation on each of at least seven victims, and an alternate reality version of John Sheppard, who was a Detective in that reality, investigated the case. Area 51 was also looking for him, attempting to track and hunt him down before he could alert the Wraith.


The Wraith walking around the streets of Las Vegas.

After he believed to have found a way to alert the Wraith, by using the United States' national grid, he was about to send a transmission, when he noticed Sheppard attempting to stop him. Area 51 has found him and launched A-10 Thunderbolt IIs to stop the Wraith's plan. The Wraith managed to open fire and wound Sheppard (presumed mortally), and was about to feed on him, when he noticed fighters zeroing in on his location. He rushed to his trailer to send the Wraith transmission before his trailer was destroyed. He died in the resulting explosion. The transmission wasn't strong enough to alert the Wraith in Pegasus, but it caused a temporary rift in space/time, where the transmission would be amplified to the other side of the rift, alerting the Wraith from other realities to Earth. (SGA: "Vegas")

The transmission was picked up by a Super-hive from our reality, which was able to find Earth, as well as the planet's best means to fight back; the Ancient Control chair in Area 51. Ultimately, the Hive Ship was destroyed, and thanks to the fact that the transmission was only a weak one at that, the super Hive was the only Wraith ship to pick it up, due to its enhanced sensors. It is unknown if the transmission was picked up by other Hive Ships in other realities. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

Behind the scenesEdit

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