Raphael was a violent revolutionary leader opposed to the Honduran government. He captured Rogelio Duran, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Bill Lee after they discovered the Ancient healing device from Telchak's temple. He interrogated the two scientists, accusing them of thievery and tried interrogating them. When Lee cracked about the truth of the device. Raphael impulsively activated the device and tried prying an answer out of Jackson as to what the device was. Jackson answered that he didn't know and warned that they don't know what the long term effects of the device would be. Chalo was willing to heed his warning, but Raphael killed him before he could turn off the device. However, the device reanimated Chalo's corpse, which began attacking his former comrades. Raphael and his men seemingly took the corpse down before chasing after Jackson and Lee, who had escaped in the fight. When he cornered Jackson, he threatened to skin him alive. However, Colonel Jack O'Neill killed him and his men during the rescue operation of the two doctors. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1", "Evolution, Part 2")