Reginald Greer was a male Tau'ri and a Gulf War veteran. He is the husband of Angela Greer and father of MSgt. Ronald Greer.


Background informationEdit

He was an abusive father and would frequently lock Ronald in a closet as punishment. Angela told her son that Reginald wasn't always like this, that he was once a good man and a good father, but apparently being in the Gulf War changed him. He and his wife were saved from a house fire by his son, but he had severe burns and scarring on one side of his face as a result. A few years later, he was diagnosed with an untreatable brain infection and died. (SGU: "Lost")


In 2009, Ronald Greer recalled the memory of his father's abuse after he was stranded on the Ruins planet. (SGU: "Lost")

A few weeks later, Ronald saw his father during hallucinations caused by an Alien tick. (SGU: "Pain")

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