Reimer was a Doctor at Stargate Command and a member of Red Team. He and his team were pulled from inoculation duty on 865 to assist SG-1 on Vagonbrei. He was infected with the Sleep parasite left on the planet by Morgan Le Fay. After preforming an autopsy on Lt. Bernie Ackerman which Carter aided him with and discovering the parasite in his brain, he began to take stimulants to stay awake. The continued use of the stimulants caused him to have a fatal heart attack and despite Carter's efforts to get his heart going again which involved her using the Defibrillator to shock Reimer's heart three times, a few seconds later, Daniel told Carter that Reimer was dead. (SG1: "Morpheus")

While battling the Crystal of M3X-387, Carter makes a possible reference to Reimer's death when Doctor Jennifer Keller says they can't artificially keep Doctor Rodney McKay awake for long without risking pulmonary failure. This causes Carter to comment that "believe it or not, I've been there before too." Presumably this is a reference to Reimer's heart attack from all of the stimulants he took. (SGA: "Doppleganger")

Behind the scenesEdit

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