Renni was a villager on an unnamed Pegasus galaxy planet. She was a member of the village council, along with Jervis and Elson, the village leader. She also sympathized with the Balarians, who were survivors of the Hoffan plague and refugees that came to her village from the planet Balar. One particular survivor, Novo, was a guest in Renni's home. Her daughter was very fond of Novo.

When the Wraith came in search of the Balarians in 2008, she was willing to leave her home to protect them, and when Jervis formed a mob to find Balarians, she stood in the way. She then helped move the injured when it came time to hide in the mine and was later part of the last group of villagers to make it through the Stargate to Atlantis. She has since been relocated to a new planet with the rest of her village. (SGA: "Outsiders")

Behind the scenesEdit

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