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Research lab
Research lab




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The Research Lab is an area aboard Destiny. In the room there is a cage full of pipes, tanks, and gauges the purpose of them is unknown. There are several control panels on the walls which seem to turn the Device on which also monitors it and turns on the lights. There is a view screen on the other wall which most likely monitors both the device and other ship function. It has two other Large consoles that have the ability to control the device and other ship functions. It also has two windows overlooking space.

During the Mutiny on Destiny the Research lab was used as the Control room of the ship for Camile Wray and the civilians side. Since the Control Interface Room was on Everett Young and Military's side. All systems except life support were taking control by Nicholas Rush from here. Rush knowing that the Nakai would soon track them put all available power to Shields. Soon Everett Young was able to storm the lab taking back control of Destiny. (SGU: "Divided")

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