Rillaan, designated P3X-775 by the Tau'ri, and called Taldor (or Taldur) occasionally by Stargate Command was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy with a Stargate. The leaders and judicial body of this planet is called the Taldor, and their laws are absolute and decisive.



The Tal'al room of the Taldur.

Every crime, small or big, are punishable. It is, for example, forbidden to aid criminals in any way, something SG-1 discovered when helping Roshure, or to carry weapons on ancient grounds. The trials are swift and frank. The prisoners are gathered and beamed to the Tal'al, which is a large, dark room. Voices all around are telling what their crimes are and then they are sentenced.

The judicial body (Taldor) believe in zero tolerance almost religiously. They do not use death penalty as a punishment, but they do punish nearly every criminal, with no appeals process, to life imprisonment on the planet Hadante. That planet has a Stargate, but no Dial Home Device that can help the prisoners get away.


The far most important characteristic about this planet and it's judicial body, is their belief in the justice, as explained above. The judicial body also believes punctuality is emblematic as civilized behavior. They're also xenophobic and, as the Tau'ri sees them, even arrogant, narrow-minded and self-centered.

Contact with EarthEdit

SG-1 came to Taldur with weapons on their ancient grounds, which was a crime by their standards. They also helped the criminal Roshure which definitely didn't help them. After they broke out of the prison, they also took Linea with them. (SG1: "Prisoners")

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