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Roc Books (also Roc or ROC) is a fantasy and SciFi paperback imprint of Penguin Group, as part of their New American Library. ROC books have released Stargate novels in relation to the movie and TV series. Now Roc is a part of Ace and Roc Books.


Movie NovelizationsEdit

A list of Stargate novels that have been released by ROC.

Image Title Author(s) Release Date
Stargate Novel Stargate Roland Emmerich December 1994

A brilliant archaeologist and a fearless military man lead a team through the ancient Stargate and discover a planet where the humans are enslaved by the Egyptian god Ra.

Rebellion Stargate: Rebellion Bill McCay October 1995

When the crack team of scientists and soldiers entered the Stargate, armed rebellion on a planet millions of light-years away was the last thing on their minds. Now that it's started, no one can ignore it—not commando Jack O'Neil, not renegade Egyptologist Daniel Jackson, and most of all not the newly freed people of Abydos. But both the U.S. Army and Ra's vicious successor, Hathor, have other ideas for the...

Retaliation Stargate: Retaliation Bill McCay September 1996

Rebellion gave the Abydans their freedom, but unexpected betrayal has endangered new alliances. Now, with chaos in the streets, the time is ripe for the return of the enraged Hathor and her legions. Having bided her time, she plots the reconquest of a world. And this time, she brings a weapon more awesome than any the rebels can imagine—for Hathor's bloodthirsty plans extend well beyond the...

Retribution Stargate: Retribution Bill McCay May 1997

The survivors of the tragic war on Abydos stagger back to Earth through a smashed StarGate, through a storm of treachery, greed, defeat, and bitterness. Some are prisoners. Some are outcasts. All know the final war has yet to come.

Reconnaissance Stargate: Reconnaissance Bill McCay May 1998

With Hathor destroyed and her killer spaceship decimated, the Abydan refugees are awarded the privilege of first colonization. But their dream for the wilderness planet of Ballas is turned into a nightmare by a native species with a predatory instinct for survival - and a deadly ambition to win total Stargate control. Only O'Neil and Jackson can stop these armed feral warriors. But terminating their enemy's ultimate prize means destroying their own last hope of getting home alive...

Resistance Stargate: Resistance Bill McCay October 1999

Earth's Stargate link to planet Ballas is broken, leaving the Abydan colonists stranded—and stalked by a merciless enemy. Believed at first to be primitive beasts native to Ballas, these cat-like predators arrived through the Stargate—possessing superior firepower and innate military cunning. But who are these aliens, and why are they on Ballas? The answers lie in the secret past of an alien race—a race that is all too familiar to O'Neil and Jackson....

SG-1 NovelizationsEdit

A list of Stargate SG-1 novels that have been released by ROC.

Image Title Author(s) Release Date
SG-1 Novel Stargate SG-1 Ashley McConnell October 1998
Curiously, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin are credited on the front and inside cover for "story and characters" while Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright, who actually wrote the episode, are listed only under the acknowledgments. Emmerich and Devlin are not credited for creating the Stargate film in the credits of Stargate SG-1 since they refused an on-screen credit.
The Price You Pay Stargate SG-1: The Price You Pay Ashley McConnell July 1999

Colonel Jack O'Neill and his SG-1 team are suddenly stranded on a primitive world where the inhabitants pay homage to the Goa'uld by providing their best specimens as host bodies for their young. While a new payment is about to be sent, the team must rescue a terrified populace that does not want their help.

The First Amendment Stargate SG-1: The First Amendment Ashley McConnell February 2000
Colonel Jack O'Neill and his SG-1 team are about to show a reporter who has violated the security of the Stargate base that the success of this project will not be jeopardized for the sake of a headline-and that the truth can be far more dangerous than any outsider could ever imagine.
The Morpheus Factor Stargate SG-1: The Morpheus Factor Ashley McConnell February 2001
On the world of P4V-837, the SG-1 team encounters a race of friendly natives. But the team begins experiencing hallucinations that grow darker with the passing hours-and become unwilling participants in a brutal conflict in which their subconscious minds have become the deadliest weapons of all.

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