Roger R. Cross is a Jamaican-born Canadian actor who is best known for his role as "Curtis Manning" in the hit TV series "24".

Roger has also starred in other hit TV series such as "NCIS", "The 4400", "JAG", "The Twilight Zone" & "The X Files"

Roger also played a lead role in the movie "Interceptor Force 2" (a.k.a Alpha Force) where his character was very similar to the role he played on Stargate SG-1. (His role on Stargate was 5 years prior)

Roger currently stars on another Canadian science fiction show called "Dark Matter" where he plays the role of "Six" (aka Griffin Jones). He previously worked in a series called "Continuum" (with Lexa Doig).



  • Roger played a detective in the movie "The Void" where Amanda Tapping was the lead actress.

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