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Ronon's strike force
Ronon's faction
Political information
Type of government

Guerrilla squad


Ronon Dex

Historical information
Formed from

Pegasus Galaxy humans

Date of establishment

2008/2009 (alternate reality)


Atlantis expedition, Todd (briefly)


Michael Kenmore

"They were just simple villagers with no military experience but he trained them in all forms of combat."
Rodney McKay[src]

In an alternate reality, Ronon's strike force was a group of Humans from the Pegasus Galaxy, led by Ronon Dex. After Teyla Emmagan died in 2008, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was sent 48,000 years into future, and heard that in that timeline, Michael Kenmore started wiping out entire populations who were too weak to become part of his crusade. Ronon left Atlantis and formed his own faction of volunteers.

After they were trained for every skill and tactic Ronon knew, they managed to have made some successful attacks against Michael's facilities. In one instance, Ronon met "Todd", who also came there to sabotage Michael's base. Together, Ronon and "Todd" managed to destroy the lab, with them inside. Other squad members left the planet via Stargate before the explosion.

As Sheppard managed to return in time to stop Michael's plan, Ronon never had to leave Atlantis and form his own strike force. (SGA: "The Last Man")

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