Room of the Recording is a room in the Temple of the Gods, and read and write is forbidden among Jaffa except by the clergy or some special warrior ( as a Second Prime or First Prime). The few existing records are kept in the Hall of the recording, which keeps the written records made ​​gods of Chulak, their afflictions and their births. These records are only for clergy and reported in such a way to decipher their meaning can sometimes be impossible.

The individual Jaffa priests warped records with their own personal opinions and Goa'uld are always painted in a overwhelmingly positive light. Even the act of implantation in an unwilling host is recognized as a wonderful rebirth through righteous exorcisms of indignity. While Jaffa priests filming and ensure the authenticity of the written record, some Jaffa outside clergy allowed into the hall too. They ensure buildings maintenance, keeping intruders and help catalog chronicles through a simple visual system. Most importantly, such keeper of the hall must be unable to read and write even a small number of successful learning after time. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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