This page serves as an open forum to suggest Poll Topics to the Administration of Stargate Wiki to be featured on the main page.

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Suggested TopicsEdit

Should we bring back Stargate: Universe?

  • Yes!
  • YES!!
  • YES!!!

If the Ori or the Goa'uld came to your home town, would you serve them or fight them?

  • Serve
  • Fight

If you could be serve any of the villains on Stargate, who would it be?Edit

  • Goa'uld
  • Ori
  • Wraith
  • Replicators

If you could be a lo'taur or Jaffa to any Goa'uld, whom would you serve?Edit

  • Ra
  • Apophis
  • Anubis
  • Ba'al
  • Yu
  • Hathor
  • Sokar
  • Seth
  • Nirrti
  • Osiris

Poll Question 1Edit

Which is your favorite Tau'ri Starship?

  • X-301
  • F-302
  • 303
  • 304

Poll Question 2Edit

On what planet is Nostalgia considered a sign of weakness?

  • Tegalus
  • Tagrea
  • Taranis
  • Stateda
  • Chulak

Poll Question 4Edit

Which is your favorite Milky Way-galaxy enemy race?

  • Goa'uld
  • Ori
  • Replicators
  • Lucian Alliance

Poll Question 5Edit

Would you be interested in a stargate movie not written by the writers of the Stargate Movies or Series?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe, if it were good

Poll Question 6Edit

What is your favorite Goa'uld vessel?

  • Ha'tak
  • Al'kesh
  • Tel'tak
  • Death Glider
  • Gate Glider
  • Apophis' mothership
  • Anubis' mothership
  • Osiris' ship
  • Anubis' escape pod
  • Other

Poll Question 7Edit

Would you help with crowdfunding to restart Stargate TV series and/or movies?

  • Only if it's Stargate Universe
  • Yes
  • No

Which is your favorite Stargate Universe characterEdit

  • RIP SGU :(
  • Everett Young
  • Eli Wallace
  • Matthew Smith
  • Ronald Greer
  • Camile Wray
  • Chloe Armstrong
  • Nicholas Rush

Which is your favorite class of Ancient ship?Edit

  • Destiny
  • City-ship
  • Aurora-class battleship
  • Seed ship
  • Puddle Jumper
  • Other