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An incorrectly re-molecularized sandwich.

"Uh, I missed lunch. So, I'm going to fix myself a sandwich. Anyone want anything? Anyone?"
Rodney McKay[src]

A sandwich is a type of food from Earth, which combines certain vegetables, meats, sauces, and or cheeses between two slices of bread. Ham, Turkey, Tuna, Roast beef and Peanut butter‏‎ are popular sandwiches.

In 2004, Major Samantha Carter packed several sandwiches (including Teal'c's favorite, turkey) for her and Teal'c's voyage to contact the Asgard in the Othala galaxy. (SG1: "New Order, Part 1")

In 2006, after the Battle of P3Y-229, Kvasir and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell tested the Odyssey's Asgard transporter by beaming a sandwich, to check if the transporter had been repaired properly. (SG1: "Flesh and Blood")

Later that same year, Dr. Rodney McKay made a remark that one of the Odyssey's crew members didn't allow him to finish his sandwich in the ship's corridors. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")

Pre-packed sandwiches are often served in the Atlantis Mess hall. (SGA: "Brain Storm")

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