Sargon was a Goa'uld once in the service of Ra. After Belus's defeat on Earth, Sargon was given control of the planet Akkad by Ishtar to rule over in Ra's name just as his namesake ruled over the city of Akkad on Earth. Following Ra's death at the hands of the Tau'ri, Sargon continued to serve Ishtar faithfully while the Warriors of Akkad served him. Around the same time as the Stargate Program was started on Earth, however, an Ohnes freedom fighter arrived on Akkad in order to free the population from Sargon's control. Though the seeds were just starting to take root during the first year of the Stargate Program, it was thought to be only a matter of time before the people of Akkad rebelled against their false god. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")

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