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This article is about the planet. For the episode, see Sateda (episode).
Astrographical information


Societal information

None (present) Satedans (past)

Technological period

None (present), Industrial Age (past)

Earth interest

Ronon Dex's homeworld

Under control of

None (present), Satedans (past)

Out of universe information

"Runner", "Sateda"

"Sateda will not bow to Invaders."
―Satedan radio broadcast[src]

Sateda is a planet that used to be home to an industrialized race of Humans knows as the Satedans and was the homeworld of Ronon Dex.


The ruined skyline of the Satedan capital.

Sometime in 1998, the planet was attacked and culled by the Wraith. The Satedans tried to resist, but ultimately failed. Today, the planet has been completely abandoned and now lies in ruins. Ronon believed that he was the last of his race, but little did he know that over 300 Satedans survived the Wraith attack. When Ronon was recaptured by the Wraith and turned into a Runner once again, he was dropped on Sateda's surface and the Stargate disabled. Fighting the Wraith across the ruins of Sateda's capital city, Ronon faced the Wraith Leader responsible for the destruction of Sateda. Though Ronon lost the fight, the Wraith Leader was killed by Doctor Carson Beckett with a drone weapon fired from a Puddle Jumper. (SGA: "Runner", "Trinity", "Sateda")

Following the peace between the Tau'ri and the Wraith, Sateda was one of the planets ceded by the Wraith to the humans. As a result, the Satedans began to rebuild their world and establish a new government. Ronon was asked to be part of it, but had no interest in being a figurehead. While abducting Doctor Elizabeth Weir, a Vanir spaceship was shot down and crashed on Sateda. (SGA: "The Third Path")

Behind the scenesEdit

Sateda was originally going to be named Atteria[1] but this name was changed to Sateda before the planet was introduced.[2]

References and notesEdit

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