Savarna Batari was a female human from Lamora, and was the mother of Marko Batari, wife of Luka Biass. She was also the daughter of John Batari Lord Protector of Lamora. She liked Luka from the first time she saw him, and began to spend time with him and then married them himself. Her father tried to stop her but failed. She then chose to stay on board the ship Luka and she lived there for six years.

In 1998, she died after having been ill for some time, Luka took her to Lamora so she could receive proper treatment but she died before she got to the hospital. Her son Marko was five years old and Luka chose to leave him behind on Lamora with his grandparents. Luka named his spacecraft to Savarna after her honor. (SG1: "Savarna")

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