Sefaris was a Balarian and a survivor the Hoffan plague who escaped Balar when it was attacked by the Wraith. The Balarians were welcomed into a village, led by Elson and a council including Renni and Jervis. Unfortunately, the Wraith followed his people to the village. A Wraith Commander demanded that the villagers give up the Balarians if they wished to keep their lives. While most people were unwilling to send the innocent Balarians to their certain death, a small group of villagers, led by Jervis, armed themselves and went door-to-door rounding up Balarian outsiders. Sefaris, and the Balarian Novo, were leading a large group of people out of the village when they were captured by Jervis' men and handed over to the Wraith. They were brought to the Stargate to wait for a Hive Ship to arrive, which they were to be transported to. This is when Sefaris attempted to bargain with the Wraith Commander. He offered Dr. Carson Beckett's life in place of the Balarians. When his offer was declined, he selfishly offered Beckett's life in place of his life, alone. Novo and the group of Balarians were left at the Stargate while Sefaris led the Wraith to Beckett. After stunning and capturing Dr. Beckett and Dr. Rodney McKay, the Wraith Commander went back on the deal, deeming Sefaris too risky to remain alive given he has the toxin in his blood. (SGA: "Outsiders")


Sefaris bargains with the Wraith Commander.

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