Seket-Hetep, designated P3X-661 by the Tau'ri was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy that was ruled over by the Goa'uld Supreme System Lord Ra. The world Seket-Hetep was one of Ra's most devoted religious centers populated by slaves who were "rescued" by Ra and transported to a new world to work in his dinnerware. In a random occurrence of galactic phenomenon a few decades after it was first colonized by the Ras servant the world were cut off from Stargate Network and the rest of the galaxy.

Culture has already been established in its entirety, and servants were in place to determine the coruse of the planets development but the Sun God was no longer able to interact with people. Seket-Hetep was cut off from the galaxy far ahead of Abydos rebellion and as such, reading and writing never banned in the world. Meanwhile, Seketin developed science and technology that all civilization would evolve. Despite the growth of scientific knowledge and the advent of the major forms of technology, remained Seketins devoutly religious and devoted to their sun god.

Thousands of years passed and eventually the phenomenon cut Seket-Hetep from the rest of the galaxy went ahead rejoin Planet network. In this time Seketin learned a lot about science and technology and began to compete with Goa'uld in their technological understanding. Large parts of the planet that consisted of little more than deserts, and Naquadah-rich mountain ranges were covered with sprawling cities connected by high- speed magnetic rail . The planet is covered with impressive architectural works , very reminiscent of ancient Egyptian cities, just evolved into modern design and a much larger scale. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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