Seketin are a race of Humans from the planet Seket-Hetep.


The people descended from ancient Egypt. And Seketins ancestors were slaves who were "rescued" by Ra and transported to a new world. After some time, so did Ra them on the planet and they continued to worship him. Seketin developed science and technology all developed civilizations would. Despite the growth of scientific knowledge and the advent of the major forms of technology, remained Seketins devoutly religious and devoted to their sun god. Seketin developed limited space travel and can reproduce the technology that drives Ma'Tok staff and shak'nel.

After thousands of years passed and eventually the phenomenon cut off by Seket-Hetep from the rest of the galaxy went ahead rejoin planet network. In this time Seketin learned a lot about science and technology and began to compete with Goa'uld in their technological understanding.

In fact Seketins currently few decades more advanced than Tau'ri of Earth for technological development through a large part of their society is still rooted in the traditions instilled them by the Goa'uld. Seketin has its own military and police, but crime is rare. The scientist and explores have yet to encounter any life outside of their world. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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