The Sekhmet were a species of feline Goa'uld hosts mostly utilized by Bastet. (System Lord Plot Hooks) They were roughly 6.5 feet tall, with short soft fur covering their bodies. They had pointed snouts, triangular swiveling ears and seemed to resemble a house cat in appearance. They had whiskers, sharp teeth and thin, razor-sharp claws on each hand.

It is suggested that Bastet enjoyed using the Sekhmet over the Unas as a host, in the time before humans became the 'standard'.

After humanity was discovered, the Sekhmet were largely abandoned by Bastet, and their ultimate fate is unknown. Still, some primitive tribes of Sekhmet exist on fringe Goa'uld worlds, and there are rumors of advanced feline aliens in the far corners of the galaxy, though whether these aliens are Sekhmet or another species all together is as of yet unknown.

Bast Guards were said to take visual inspiration from the Sekhmet species, in the design of their helmets and weaponry.

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