Sevaarin was the Tiranian Ambassador to the nation of Kelowna. When Anubis discovered Langara and its supply of Naquadria after probing Jonas Quinn's mind in 2003, Sevaarin was brought to the secure bunker where the Kelownan Stargate was kept. He was present when SG-1 arrived to help the Langarans defeat Anubis and was amazed at the presence of the Stargate and the Tau'ri which his country previously never knew existed.

After Commander Hale had informed Anubis that the Tiranians possessed a Naquadria mine on their continent, Sevaarin admitted that Tirania had stolen their Naquadria from the Andari Federation, in the hopes of stopping them from raiding their continent. It is unknown what eventually happened to Sevaarin after Anubis' Jaffa took control of the bunker. (SG1: "Homecoming")

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