Shak'ran, also spelled Shaq'ran, was once a minor Goa'uld System Lord for many years during the reign of Ra who frequently opposed the Supreme System Lord. While this put him in a great deal of danger, he took much delight in it. Despite the fact that he was so opposed to Ra, his only major victory was when he managed to capture Pangar in one of the many territorial disputes which the Goa'uld were well known for. Soon afterwards, he erected temples on the planet, one directly on top of Ra's former temple, and set it up as his base of operations. However, sometime during the 1700s, both Apophis and Ra made war on Shak'ran resulting in his death at the hands of Apophis. Why Ra never reclaimed his lost world remains unknown. (RPG: "Roleplaying Game")

Some 300 years after his defeat, in 2002, SG-1 discovered the remains of Shak'ran's temple on Pangar and deciphered the former ruler's history from his temple's remains. (SG1: "Cure")

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