Shchizenya is a Artificial Intelligence created by Kettle-Dwellers ancestors. Then develop self-awareness has Shchizenya spent nearly all their time looking but old records and develop their body of knowledge. Most of the Zhenhuija facilities were destroyed, but nanite storage has very high reliability as such even if almost everything on a macro scale nuked into oblivion content Zhenuija computer networks remain intact and Shchizenyas sole control. A life form that sixe of a planet is facing enormous difficulties. Those mostly Shchizenya are network outages and latency. Since Shchizenya have some quintillion nodes its physically impossible for all of its nodes to be in contact with all other nodes.

This means Shchizenya may seem lie or deceptive when she really is pretty honest. For example, if arrange a peace agreement with her ​​that it could take five or six minutes for the ceasefire to be carried to the parts of her that are struggling . In a larger perspective, five or six minutes is not, but when half of a SG team is on one side of the planet negotiates treaties and the other half is pinned down under fire from own robot assistants five minutes be a long time indeed.

Latency comes in when a decision can not be delegated to the nodes that are " a science". If the entire network need to think about an issue, it can take minutes to make very simple decisions . During these minutes each nanite will communicate wildly with every other nanite, Shchizenyas bandwidth will be consumed and by all accounts, she will fall completely offline for several minutes until a decision is made and propagated to all her peers . To counteract latency decisions has been delegated to local nodes whenever possible. This means two nodes can come to different decisions. This happens nodes will conflict and perhaps go to war with each other. Shchizenya will not let things get out of hand, but as soon as any conflict starts the questions immediately reviewed by the nodes near the conflicting nodes. If it does not lead to an answer to the problem is escalated and re- escalated to the final evaluation of the Planet network . This means that no Shchizenya -on- Shchizenya conflict will last longer than a few hours. Of course, when the conflict is between things as potentially destructive as nanite a few hours can be a very, very long time when you're stuck in the middle.

When Shchizenya was still " Network," tried Zhenhuija to equip her with specialized nanite to repair environmental damage. They planned to allow the network to environmental maintenance and cleaning Zhenuija exempt from routine. Not that Shchizenya live only on power from an orbital satellite, but her ability to make radical Ecological Engineering is limited. Yet she can perform impressive small-scale no greater than about 100 meters feats of " ecogeneering " if shes willing to invest time and deprive other nodes of power. Zhenuija network equipped with pervasive radio abilities so that no one would need a thread to communicate with it.

As a result of Shchizenya can intercept radio signals children games for her given her incredible computing power and sophisticated understanding of mathematics. Shchizenya has an incredibly nuanced knowledge f everything electronically. If she can insinuate a nanite in a microchip or integrated circuit within seconds she can discover its purpose and programming. With a couple of seconds or work she can write their own microcode for chip and replace their code with their own. This allows her to turn all electronic devices that are not environmentally sealed to an extension of himself. As an AI she is brilliant ruthless and totally uninterested in power and politics. She looks her mind often but always with very logical reasons . She never reneges on a promise, but neither does she feel compelled to honor her promises smaller nodes do. Since adopting Shchizenya as her name, her two guiding rules together into a "survival". She learned well from her makers human desire for revenge and hate the Goa'uld with an intensity that can interfere and make nervous people. The fact that she has never seen a Goa'uld makes little difference. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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