Shema Montoya is a Native American. She is the mother of Cadet Seattle Montoya.


Shema and her husband and daughter where forced to leave their home on a reservation to live in a city when they couldn't find any work. They didn't like living their but they couldn't afford a house of their own. (INF: "Greed")

In spite of her husbands insistence that things would be better, Shema realized their lives had gotten worse in the city. She told her husband that it was time to move back to the reservation and be reunited with their friends and family, but her husband refused, saying he wouldn't go back and admit to being a failure. Shema tried to tell him it was a mistake and that it would be okay but he continued to refuse and so they argued. (INF: "Big Mistake")


In the 2020s, Draga found a big diamond worth millions on a planet Gus's team had come across. She had no use for money so she decided to give it to Seattle so she could help her family, who are poor. (INF: "Greed")

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